Nicole Sayour Botto was born in Los Angeles, California and relocated with her husband and three children to New England in 2011.  A daughter of two painters, Nicole grew up immersed in the artist's lifestyle.  Late nights painting, attending art shows and observing live models were second nature to her early childhood home.  She spent many hours in her dad's classroom at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, participating as a guest student and absorbing her father's eccentric art lessons.  Nicole remembers painting next to her mother as a young girl, listening to Billy Holiday and watching her mother's confident brush strokes as she painted beautiful floral still life oil paintings that she is now acclaimed for. 

Nicole gathered her artistic learnings throughout her life experiences.  She studied communications at UCSD in California and took painting courses at night at the Balboa Museum of Fine Art.  

Nicole has been focused on growing her career in art over the last decade.  Her work is dynamic and varied in genre.  She is inspired by natural beauty, urban settings and contemporary structures.  She loves to experiment in new mediums and the challenge of creating something totally unique for a client is most rewarding to her.